• SuperSonic 1200

    Rodents cause billions of dollars of damage annually worldwide. Damage caused by mice and rats gnawing on cables results in production lines stoppage, outage of computer and communication networks, and the outbreak of fires. Rodents also spread diseases to people and domestic animals. Damage prevention costs are a fraction of repair and recovery costs, and Super Sonic 1200 is the right answer.

    SuperSonic 1200
  • SuperSonic Amp

    The SuperSonic 1200 system effectively protects facilities against rodent infiltration and consequential damage. The areas susceptible to rodent infiltration and nesting are flooded with ultrasonic sound waves, making them intolerable to rats and mice.

    SuperSonic 1200 effectively protects: data centers, control centers, food production facilities, industrial plants, raw material storehouses, warehouses and other storage facilities, feed mills, hotel and catering establishments, tunnels, office buildings, hospitals, etc.

    SuperSonic Amp
  • Rodent Damage Prevention

    The ultrasonic sound waves are created by a state of the art electronic modular system that can be expanded to economically cover and protect premises of any size and structure. Built in versatile timing features cater for selectively energizing the system during certain days of the week and times of the day. The diagnostics features help control and monitor the Supersonic system operation within the overall facility or integrated building management system.

    Support and service of the Super Sonic 1200 System is available a phone call away.

    Rodent Damage Prevention

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We provide solutions for all facility life cycle phases: Design - we help architects and engineers specify and design the rodent damage prevention system, Build - our systems help facility builders preserve their work until construction is handed over, Operate - our systems and associated recommendations keep the facility damage-free with negligible operating costs.