Product Range

We offer a range of products that address the various rodent damage threats throughout the facility, according to its purpose, size and topology. Power and data wiring & cabling, which are mission-critical to the operations of any facility and very expensive to repair, are the facility parts most susceptible to rodent damage. We thus aim to protect the various cabling & wiring spaces and offer products for both open spaces (plenum, basement, tunnel, etc.) and for enclosures (switchgear, cabinet, rack, etc.).

Facility Interior Protection Products

We can cover the interior of a facility of any size with a varying number of just three products:

  • Supersonic 1200 Transducer (speaker) – as many as needed to cover the space
  • Supersonic 1200 Central Unit – can drive up to 30 Supersonic 1200 transducers and as many Supersonic 1200 Amplifiers as needed
  • Supersonic 1200 Amplifier – can drive up to 140 Supersonic 1200 Transducers

Enclosure Protection Products

Depending one the size of the enclosure (switchboard, cabinet, rack, etc.) and of the number of enclosures involved, we can cover them with one or a combination of:

  • Supersonic 1200 Transducer (speaker) – fed from a Supersonic 1200 central unit or amplifier
  • Supersonic 100 – a compact, self powered two-transducer unit
  • Supersonic 300 – a medium size driver for up to six Supersonic 1200 transducers

Protection System Monitoring Products

We provide at the present a universal line-monitoring unit that is line-powered and provides a dry-contact signal for a building/facility supervision system to indicate that the rodent damage prevention system operates properly.